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Review: World War Z

Filed under World War Z Zombies Apocalypse Brad Pitt Gerry Lane Karin Mirelle Enos Marc Forster Horror Suspense

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Shades of Gray(ce) - Concerning Love

Filed under Spiritual Development Love Truth Desires Spirituality

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THE WISDOM OF KABBALAH: The Final Frontier -€“ Outer Space or Inside Us?

Filed under Kabbalah Space Existence Life Purpose Introspection

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DON'T QUOTE ME: Advice From DD June 5, 2013, Issue #3

Filed under Marriage Birth Control Advice Friendships Relationships

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Emily Steele's CAN'T ARGUE WITH THAT: 50 Shades of Blah....Oh My!

Filed under 50 Shades of Grey Literature Books Reviews

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CMA Fest Vs. Bonnaroo- Which Festival Really Gives Fans Their Fair Share?

Filed under Music CMA Festival Bonnaroo Nashville Tennessee Fan Fair X Manchester Venues Tickets

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ROCK AND ROLL OMNIBUS: Foghat--Slow Ride (1975)

Filed under Music Rock and Roll Foghat Slow Ride

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Is Podcasting the Future?

Filed under Podcasts Podcasting Digital Technology Radio

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THE WISDOM OF KABBALAH: Kabbalah Is Like Sports

Filed under Kabbalah Sports Bestowal Spirituality